Water Proofing

LATICRETE® 9235 Waterproofing Membrane is a thin, loadbearing, waterproofing membrane designed for use under thin and thick-bed installation of ceramic tile, stone and other finishes. This durable membrane consists of a liquid rubber and a reinforcing fabric, which together form a seamless membrane rated for extra heavy duty installations.

-Fast and easy installation
-Load bearing and anti-fracture properties
-Eco- friendly: No solvents or flammable materials
-Proven performance

Packaging: Factory proportioned kit consisting of:
1. Liquid pail- 20 Itrs
2. Reinforcing fabric-23 mtr x 1 mtr
3. Corner reinforcing fabric - 15 cms x 23 mtr.

LATICRETE® 9237 Waterproofing Membrane is a roller applied, liquid waterproofing membrane for direct use under thin and thick-bed installations of ceramic tile, stone and other finishes. Recommended for residential and commercial floor and wall installations.

-Fast and easy to install- applies like paint
-Proven performance
-Water cleanable when fresh

Packaging: 5 Ltrs & 20 Ltrs.