S.W.R. Drainage System

Puranmal Sons in Indore also avails Supreme SWR drainage system. Supreme had introduced the efficient SWR drainage system which replaced conventional CI and AC drainage in India. Puranmal Sons in Indore is distributor of Supreme S.W.R. drainage system. It is designed for quick and efficient removal of waste without leakage. It is highly resilient, tough and durable with high tensile and impact strength.It is also free from rusting, weathering, scale formation and chemical action. It is virtually immune to attack by bacteria, fungi, micro-organisms and insects. Additionally, it is more cost effective than any conventional drainage system and approved by MCGM.

Pipes are available in 75 to 160mm and fittings are available in 40 to 160mm sizes. Pipes conforms to IS 13592:92 and fittings conforms to IS 14735:99 and are made as per international standards.

Additional Benefits

  • UPVC SWR piping System costs less than the other alternatives.
  • Cost of transportation is , handling and installation is less.
  • Non reactive with acidic and alkali substances in water, which is ideal for drain water discharge. It is also non corrosive in nature.
  • The UPVC used in manufacturing the product is non conductive./li>
  • Supreme SWR drainage system is designed to be leak proof as it provides special rubber rings at the joints.
  • Its UV resistance helps eliminate the adverse effect of sunlight and weather.
Product Details