What is FRP ?

FIBRE -REINFORCED POLYMER (FRP) : Is a composite material made of a polymer matrix reinforced with fibres, the fibres are usually glass fibres, the polymer is usually an epoxy, vinylester or polyester thermosetting plastic, and phenol formaldehyde resins are still in use. FRP's are commonly used in the aerospace, automotive, marine, construction industries and ballistic armor.

COMPRESSION MOULDING : When the raw material containing reinforcing fibres, are compression molded part at certain pressure & temperature the final outcome would be called a FRP molded product, when qualifies it as a fibre-reinforced. More typically the polymer performs used in compression molding does contain reinforcing fibers. In compression molding, A "perform" or "change", of SMC, BMC is placed into molding cavity, the mold is closed and the material is formed & cured inside by pressure and heat. Compression molding offers excellent detailing for geometric shapes ranging from pattern and relief detailing to complex curves and creative forms, to precision engineering all within a maximum curing time of 20 minutes. .

ADVANTAGES AND LIMITATIONS : FRP allows the alignment of the glass fibres to suit specific design programs. Specifying the orientation of reinforcing fibres can increase the strength and resistance to deformation of the polymer. Glass reinforced polymers are the strongest and most resistive to deforming forced when the polymers fibres are being exerted with a parallel force.

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