LATICRETE® 254 Platinum Thin-set Adhesive is the ultimate one step polymer fortified cementitious adhesive, to be mixed only with water and applied using thin-set method of installation. LATICRETE® 254 Platinum is a LATICRETE® approved substitute for LATICRETE® 111 Create Filler powder mixed with LATICRETE®73 Latex Admix. LATICRETE®254 Platinum is ideal for interior and exterior applications on all suitable substrates, especially pools, fountains and facades. In addition, LATICRETE®254 Platinum has exceptional bond strrength and easy workability making this multi purpose thin-set ideal for tile and stone installation.

-Single component, just add water.
-Long open tme with unsurpassed adhesion and workability.
-Bonds to various substrates.High shear bond strength.

Available Colours: Grey and White

Packaging: 20 Kg